Events & Workshops

Just Acrobatics has a range of special events and workshops coming up!

- INVITE ONLY - Specialty Workshops

Wednesday, January 17

Invite only workshops for specialty coaches taught by international coach Meaghan Wegg!


Inter - Adv Hammock

Friday, December 15

Open to exisitng JA Silks & Lyra Students (Intermediate level & above). 


Duo Lyra Workshop

Friday, December 15

Open to existing JA Lyra level 3 and above students.


Hammock Level 1 Workshop

Friday, December 15

Experience the freedom of flight with our aerial hammock workshop!

This workshop is open to the public and students attending Just Acrobatics.


Home School Program

Thursdays 10:30 - 11:30am

Come and join Just Acrobatics Home School Program! Learn acrobatics and circus skills in a fun, supportive and social environment. 

Back Handspring Workshop

Friday, September 22

This workshop focuses on helping students work towards achieving their back handspring with the correct technique. 


Acrobatics Holiday Camp

Book Now for December / January Holidays!

Looking for an alternative holiday care idea?

Join us for a fun filled day of acrobatics and circus fun! This holiday camp is open to the public and students attending Just Acrobatics.

Aerial Cartwheel Workshop

Friday, December 15

Work through a series of drills to progress towards achieving your aerial cartwheel and improving your technique.