Tiny Tumblers

Classes for 2-4 years olds

Tiny Tumblers provides a safe environment for children to develop physical skills in a fun, playful way. Our program allows children to experience a wide range of movement activities to help in developing coordination, balance, flexibility and self-esteem and more. The Tiny Tumblers setup is a great introduction to optimise brain development and physical potential before kids go to school. It also gives them the fundamental movement skills that will allow them to progress through further stages of Just Acrobatics if they desire.



Tiny's Level 1 (Ages 2 - 4)

We recommend all of our Tiny Tumblers start in level 1 until they feel confident in the class environment. This class has parent involvement which is a great way to bond with your child and build their confidence in the class environment. These classes are packed full of gross and fine motor skills, jumping, swinging, balancing, climbing and more with an emphasis on fun! 

Tiny's Level 2 (Ages 3 - 4)

Our level 2 class gives students the opportunity to move towards independence, with no parents in the room. Classes include an array of fun and engaging activities that utilise the full suite of amazing equipment on hand at Just Acrobatics. Students will also start to work on fundamental acrobatics skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands. 



TERM BOOKING: $15/Class + Registration fee (once per year)

Book in for the term and pay up front to secure term booking prices. 1 make up class per term is available. Register for classes using the timetable below.