Acrobatics & Tumbling




This is the entry point for new students to Just Acrobatics, an exciting program for recreational acrobatics. This fun program is designed to develop the foundations of acrobatics and help students progress with their skills. Students will develop strength, flexibility and balance in a fun and safe environment. You can register your student for these classes using the timetables below.

ACRO SKILLS BLUE - Age 5 - 7 Years
ACRO SKILLS SILVER - Age 8 - 10 Years
ACRO SKILLS GOLD - Ages 11 Year +




This is a set program for students wanting to progress their skills, with levels 1-6 which have skill criteria applied to each level. Students are given a skills chart to set goals and are tested on their skills during their regular class. Classes also include strength and stretch components to develop endurance and flexibility. Entry to these classes is by assessment, if you have prior experience in Acrobatics and would like to be assessed for our Extension program - please complete a Register Your Interest Form.



Tumbling classes are taken in addition to our Acro Extension classes. These classes are dedicated to drills and progressions to develop power tumbling skills including back handsprings, aerial cartwheels and more. Entry into tumbling classes are by assessment and invitation. 



Taken in addition to our Acro Extension or aerial classes, our strength and stretch classes are designed to help build strength, flexibility and cardio endurance to benefit your acrobatics and aerial training.


ACRO SKILLS BLUE (Age 5 - 7 Years)

ACRO SKILLS SILVER (Age 8 - 10 Years)

ACRO SKILLS GOLD (Ages 11 Year +)