Aerial Arts

Aerial Arts is an exciting path of the circus world, taking acrobatics to the air. We offer classes focusing on a number of different aerial apparatuses. Our expert coaches will take students through different manoeuvres and skills, work on progressions and sequencing, building strength, flexibility and aerial awareness. 

Safety is our key priority in all of our classes, and we pride ourselves on offering a safe environment for students to achieve their aerial goals. 

All of our aerial classes are taught at our Warana location only. 



If your student is new to aerial arts our Aerial Variety classes are the perfect place for them to start their aerial journey. They will be taught the fundamentals of working with an aerial apparatus, including safety, and build confidence in the air. Students will get the opportunity to try a number of different aerial apparatuses including silks, lyra and trapeze. This allows them to try a bit of everything and enables them to choose a speciality if they decide to progress with our specific silks and lyra classes. We recommend that all new aerial students start with our aerial variety class.


Learn how to climb, swing, wrap, drop, balance and more on the aerial silks. Silks classes specialise in one apparatus, allowing students to work on developing skills and build sequences. Our silks program progresses through levels 1 – 8 then to Elite level. Silks classes are open to students ages 8 +. If your student has not had aerial experience, they are able to start their aerial journey in a level 1 silks class, if they only want to specialise in silks.


Lyra students work on an aerial hoop, suspended from the ceiling, to position their bodies into different tricks and poses. Students will work on building the strength and stamina on the lyra required to perform skills in succession. Our program is based on 5 levels with skill criteria for progressing between levels. Lyra classes are available to students ages 8 +.