Aerial Variety

Experience the freedom of flight with our Intro to Aerials Workshop!  Your child can run away and join the circus with this 1 hour workshop. Students will learn the fundamentals of using aerial apparatuses and gain confidence being in the air. 

This workshop is open to the public and students attending Just Acrobatics.


DATE: Thursday, July 4
TIME: 10:30am - 11:30am
LOCATION: Just Acrobatics - 7 Bearing Avenue, Warana 
PRICE: $30
AGES: 7 - 13 Years
WHAT TO WEAR: For aerial work we recommend full-length tights that are firm fitting, with a singlet, tight fitted T-shirt, or leotard.  Clothing CANNOT have any zippers, clips etc. as these will damage the silks.  Hair must be put up in a way that does not interfere with any student's safety or performance. We ask that student’s clothing be age-appropriate, respectful of the environment and provide safety for all students and coaches. No shoes are required for this class. 
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring along a filled water bottle.