Duo Lyra Workshop

Open to existing JA Lyra level 3 and above students.

A duo lyra workshop is guaranteed to be double the fun, enhance your partner skills and work through synchronised movements and partnering skills as a base and flyer. If you have a partner in mind make sure you both book in, otherwise we will pair you off at the workshops.


DATE: Friday, December 15
TIME: 11:00pm - 12:00pm
LOCATION: Just Acrobatics - 7 Bearing Avenue, Warana 
PRICE: $30
AGES: 7 Years +
WHAT TO WEAR: For aerial work we recommend full-length tights that are firm fitting, with a singlet, tight fitted T-shirt, or leotard.  Clothing CANNOT have any zippers, clips etc. as these will damage the silks.  Hair must be put up in a way that does not interfere with any student's safety or performance. We ask that student’s clothing be age-appropriate, respectful of the environment and provide safety for all students and coaches. No shoes are required for this class. 
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring along a filled water bottle.